cave number 2Sustainability and climate change have serious impacts on human life, the environment, and world output. Adaptation to climate change is essential. Our societies and economies can be protected from the worst of climate changes by providing accurate information, innovative planning, and reducing the GHG levels in the atmosphere. GHG emissions can be reduced through increased energy efficiency, demand changes, and adoption of new technologies. SEECOM staff has experience in sustainability development, and the federal and state GHG reporting and reduction requirements.

  • Green Building Design and Technologies
  • Development/Planning Process
  • Architectural Landscaping
  • Ecology and Biomimicry
  • Low Impact Development to reduce stormwater runoff
  • Water Resource Management
  • Water and wastewater usage
  • Renewable energy alternatives
  • GHG gas emissions tracking and reporting
  • Clean Air Act tracking and reporting
  • Verification, accounting and reporting of GHG
  • Effect on agriculture and biodiversity
  • Effect on Land use and infrastructure